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Hi, my name is Lauren and I officiate weddings for sentimental, spontaneous couples who are excited to explore their love! I’m also reinventing the concept of “Wedding Officiant.” After attending many traditional wedding ceremonies, I realized that couples were missing a huge emotional opportunity to create an original, heartfelt wedding ceremony that not only reflected the essence of who they are but that also brought their communities closer together. I decided to fill that void and become the Wedding Officiant who would help couples truly explore, express & celebrate their love!

Here's a little more about me: I love sentimental moments, the joy of self discovery and the thrill of surprise. While I’m very playful at heart, I'm also someone with strong beliefs! For example, I believe that “I'm sorry" should be replaced with "thank you”, that everyone should fall in love with someone of the same gender at least once in their lives and that all work days should include a mandatory 20 minute dance party. I also believe we should say something GREAT about our partner every night before bed - especially when we don't want to! 

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Camille & Elijah
"Lauren craft is nothing short of magic and brings the true meaning of wedding ceremonies to life: LOVE. Her authenticity, ability to tune in to what is important to you as a couple and empathize is unparalleled. After the first meeting we made a commitment to doing whatever we could to make room for Lauren in our budget and I cannot STRESS enough how this was the single-most-important expense of our wedding. It was the whole point of the thing. Lauren stands with you as you are about to change your life and adds magic so that you and your beloved can create something beyond your wildest dreams."

Kristi & Shay
"Wow! I just had the best day of my life!!!! Not only did I get the honor of marrying my best friend, but I was privileged to be married by Lauren. As far as the ceremony itself Lauren, was warm, funny, eloquent and made everyone there feel included. Afterwards so many people thought that we were long time friends with Lauren. They were shocked when we told them that we had only known her for 6 weeks!"

"Lauren is more than a wedding officiant. Her ceremonies and wedding weekend rituals are the emotional glue that brings everyone together, including friends and family who are only meeting for the first time. If you are choosing where to allocate your precious wedding budget, make sure you choose Lauren over something no one will ever remember like fancy hors d'oeuvres. I highly recommend Lauren as a wedding officiant and wedding weekend coach for couples. Anyone can marry you, but not just anyone can achieve the amazing experience you'll have with Lauren."


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Are you that sentimental, spontaneous couple that I love so much? If so, book a consultation with me (it's free) and let's talk. I'm excited to discover new ways to celebrate your love on your special day!

(Please note: I will be on parental leave from mid April to early June of 2019 as my wife Katy and I welcome our first baby into the family!)

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