Lauren's Bio

  • I believe that once a week, everyone should stand up in front of a crowd
    of strangers, open their arms and howl as loud as they can!

  • I believe that everyone should fall in love with someone of the same gender at least once in their lives   

  • Shouldn't all work days include a mandatory 20 minute dance party?

  • Sometimes I tell my family that I’m working when really I’m at home watching TV in my pajamas

  • I also say that my feet hurt (even when they don’t) just so someone will rub them

  • Can we agree that all soda fountains should be replaced with kombucha and coconut water dispensers?

  • I believe that access to zero emissions technology should be a
    birthright... and free!

  • I believe we should all say something GREAT about our partners every
    night before bed - especially when we don’t want to!